Friday, February 19, 2010

The Great Bathroom RENO #2

Ok…so the next step was to take out the closet framing. It is still debated who actually came up with the idea, but again….my blog ;) “We” thought it would open up the room a little more, and it also wouldn’t be as crowded in the doorway. 

So all we needed to do was just take out the sheetrock around the doorway and the pry off the studs that framed out what used to be the closet door. Easy enough, right? Yeah right, nothing is that simple! Getting the sheetrock down was great fun, and is really a great way to get out any pent-up frustration you might have!
Then came the studs …until we got to the very top 2x4 on the ceiling. It was attached to studs on both sides, and hung down about 1 inch from being flush with the ceiling. Ever-positive me just said, “oh, its fine, we’ll just paint it white…it’s the ceiling, no one will ever notice ” Jonathan did not agree. He wasn’t very happy about it and so he starting brainstorming a “plan.” More on that later.

We knew we would need to replace 2 small sections of sheetrock where the closet had been attached to the wall, so we made way to many trips to home depot and back to figure out exactly what we needed, and then I started to measure/cut. 

The sheetrock is where I really began to shine…my crafting abilities kicked in at that point. Jonathan stood in awe as I cut ever-straight lines of sheetrock! We measured/cut/measured/cut for the next little while, and then screwed in the semi perfectly cut pieces. 


Maybe the lowest point of the bathroom project so far…when I had to kick Jonathan out and do it myself. Again, I have instinctual crafting abilities and am generally laid back, so I was great for spreading and evening out the compound, where as it frustrated the tar out of J. 

My finished product doesn’t look to impressive in the picture, but believe me it was truly a work of art (especially after I waited 24 hours for it to dry and then sanded out the imperfections! wink, wink.)

And that, friends, completes our first “constructive” step of the project!

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