Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Realization

I had a realization this morning in the shower. This may seem odd, but it is a regular occurance for me. The shower is the place I come up with the best ideas and usually where I remember something that I was probably about to forget. Anyway...I digress. My realization was that although my push to start this blog was to keep interested folks updated on our renovation, I could in fact write about whatever I want rather than just waiting and waiting until I have something to report on the bathroom (also, as Jonathan cleverly pointed out...we will eventually finish the project and I may want to keep writing then, too!). BUT...I don't need the blog to be another reminder of something that I am late doing or something hanging over my head still needing to be done. If there is no progress on the RENO, I need not feel pressured to make something apply to it. I can just be random, after all...that is one of my gifts :)

I love the Spring in Atlanta. Since I grew up in South/Central Texas, I was really never used to experiencing "Seasons," there was mostly just hot and cold. Here, there are distinct Seasons, and they just appear without much notice. For instance, there are a number of flowering trees here that definitely mark the Springtime arrival - just beautiful! Cherry Blossoms are my favorite, but I also love the Dogwoods.

Speaking of week is "Spring Break," which really means nothing to me except that plenty of people are out of school and going on vacations, so there will be less traffic for me getting to work (see...I'm so positive, always looking for the good, right?). Jonathan is taking the week off since there really arent any church events going on (except for actual "church" on Sunday of course), and it is a good time to take his earned comp time. I decided to take 2 days of vacation and just hang out at home, so at that time we may get some more progress on the bathroom (of course, I'll try to keep the blog updated, but no pressure, remember? *see paragraph 1 if you don't remember).

Friday, March 19, 2010

Just some ramblings and excuses...

I'm sorry I have left you hanging for a couple of weeks on the renovation process, but there honestly hasn't been that much progress... 

Two weekends ago, I went with a small group from my church to help facilitate a family conference for an Army Battalion at a hotel in Myrtle Beach, SC.  I was in charge of infant-5yr old childcare, but luckily we got someone at the last minute to do the baby nursery, so I only had 2 - 5yr olds (I say "only" like it was easy or something...yeah right!). We really had a great time. It was challenging for sure, but it was neat to see how God worked. Since I was the only adult in the room with 25+ preschoolers, I didn't have much time to take pictures! While I was gone, Jonathan finished priming and painting the walls in the bathroom... they look so good!

Last weekend, I was honestly still recovering from my sleep depravity from the weekend before, but we were also expecting company, so we were busy making preparations for that. Although our company didn't end up coming (my poor niece got sick!), we did get another unexpected treat. Our brother/sister in law came in for the day to do some shopping at some of the great Atlanta offerings...namely IKEA. Jonathan and I went to have lunch and then spent the afternoon shopping with them! They left with a suburban load of cool stuff from IKEA and West Elm... I love when I get the fun of shopping without having to be the one making decisions or spending money!
Anyway,  its also been very busy at work. With Easter coming up, we have been busy making preparations for all kinds of things including special services, concerts, and so forth. Are you ready for me to stop giving excuses? Me too! We are still excited to work on that bathroom, and hopefully after Easter things will slow down a bit and we can get some stuff done! 

I'll leave you with one picture of the color we chose. Keep in mind that there will be wainscoting on the bottom half so that is why we didn't spend too much time keeping that part tidy. ---oops I just realized I don't have the painted picture with me! I'm sorry you will just have to wait until I can post it...maybe tonight!