Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Great Bathroom RENO #4

I have some real updates to make on this post. As I mentioned before, Jonathan and I both took a couple of vacation days during "Spring Break" to work on the bathroom. It was so awesome to not have to work!!! Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but it was great to catch up and get some progress on the bathroom. Now, I have a ton to talk about so I'll stop my rambling and get started.
 To start off, it was time to tackle the crown molding. After one piece of scrap completely sawed into pieces on Tuesday night, we decided it was time for a new approach. After a little more googling/youtube research under our belts, we figured it out on the FIRST TRY on Wednesday..go team Rhoades :)

 If you have never done crown molding, then you don't realize what an accomplishment this is...if you have, then thanks for the applause you are no doubt giving us right now!
 I'm just going to point out that Wednesday was not only the day we successfully conquered the molding, but it was also our 3 year anniversary! Below is our 3rd year picture.

 So we haven't opened the window since we painted the 7 million coats of kilz/paint on it, but it was getting stuffy in there so while Jonathan was fighting with the shower subfloor, I was working on the window. Ta-da! Both complete below.

 I have to say the crown molding looks pretty spectacular, too. I am not trying to sound arrogant at all...I was genuinely suprised/impressed by our hard work. It took us most of a day to finish the measuring/cutting/nailing/spackling/caulking/painting...but I think it paid off!

 Whew! After we finished that, we came to a point of no return in our project. Well, you might say we've already come to that point long ago, but to us the installation of the shower has been sort of hanging for some time. We wanted to get everything above the shower completed first to limit the abuse to the shower base for the rest of the remodel. At this point there was no way to stall any further (get it...stall??? haha I crack myself up). We made our largest purchase so far in the project. In fact, I added up all we had spent so far and shower was literally half the total cost of the porject up till now! Here is how we got it home :)

 It is a base/walls set...I can't remember right now what it is made of...something plastic I guess!
 Basically what we did after this was quite a process. We had to take more sheetrock out (oh, boy!) and then have the greatest plumbing adventure ever. I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of that process. Right now, we have the plumbing re-figured and the base and showerhead installed. Next come the walls, and I'm not sure when we will have time to get to those!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Paint Color and Another Realization

So here it is...the moment you have been waiting for!

As I mentioned in the previous post, this is Spring Break, and it is really quiet around the office. I am taking off early tomorrow and completely on Thurs/Fri so hopefully we will make some great progress on the Bathroom!
So for my next blog is a mess! Every time I post it looks different, and I just can't get the layout right. I have seen other blogs I like, but I don't know how to get mine to look good. I am pretty savvy with computer stuff, but I feel like a dummy at this! I know about the free template sites, but I haven't found anything I like yet...and I am really looking for more than a template, I think...suggestions?