Friday, February 26, 2010

The Great Bathroom RENO #3

So last week I told you about the stud where the closet used to be that hung down about an inch. Jonathan came up with a really great solution to that problem! We were planning on putting beadboard on the ceiling anyway, so he suggested we just get some boards and nail them up to the existing studs to “drop” the ceiling about an inch…clever, clever! So we spent for-ev-er at home depot picking out what could have been every 2x3 they had that was even remotely straight. We searched for the studs for a while, eventually found and marked them, and then placed the “false studs” up.
Then we were ready for the beadboard. We borrowed a friend’s air compressor and nail gun…and that’s where the fun began! This was a GIANT air compressor. We couldn’t even hope to get it out of the back of the jeep, much less up the garage stairs and then up the stairs in our house…so we just left it in the jeep, albeit unconventional… it seemed to work fine. My bright idea was to run the hose up through the window – genius! Tying off the hose with the cord from the blinds…Jonathan’s idea (I was not a fan of this idea, but I guess it worked ok). As you can see, we were very successful with the beadboard ceiling. I think it looks great! And look at that wall we had to surround…that took brains, people!
And now to catch you up on the current status of the project…we have added 2 more coats of joint compound to the new sheetrock and corner(waiting 24 hours and then sanding in between each coat), and we have putty-ed and primed the beadboard ceiling. Jonathan is painting the ceiling today with a  white semi-gloss. Last night, we went by Home depot to pick up a sample of the wall color we chose…you’ll just have to wait and see what it is! Any guesses??? The next step is installing the shower. We have one picked out, but we are still making the preparations for it…we have to move the drain! I’ll keep you updated on everything in current status from now on since I have caught you up to present time! So…what do you think so far? I’m interested to know who is even reading this, so go ahead and comment!


  1. I like the 'not my idea' picture, it worked didnt it?

  2. I love it!!! The hose idea through the window kinda reminds me of ALL the cords through the upstair windows when you surprised me with the outdoor lighting. You two are definitely the most creative and innovative in solving problems. Can't wait for Reno #4 and to find out the paint color!! Don't keep us in suspense too long!

  3. LOVE the ceiling!! It looks awesome so far! Ya'll are amazing. I could never be that ambitious to take on such an awesome project! :)