Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Great Bathroom RENO #7

Stop all the potty talk!
That's's toilet time. Let's just start by saying it took us 4 tries to find the right toilet. We measured our "rough-in," which I guess is the distance from the wall to the center of the hole in the ground, which turned out to be 11 inches. So we head out to Home Depot only to realize that they only come in 10 in or 12 in sizes. Great, we just HAD to be different, didn't we? We look around for a while reading and thinking, and we decide to go with the 10 in because we figure and the HD guy says that smaller is better since you can always move it around to get it to fit, where as if its too big, its not like you have any room to play with. As we are trying to get the "2-person lift" toilet into the back seat of our car, Jonathan said the funniest thing. I was trying to help, because the thing was heavy. I must have been doing more harm than good, because that is when Jonathan calmly suggested, "You do something else." I spent the next few minutes doubled over with laughter, so that was the end of my helping-spree...ha!

Anyway, so we get the sucker home only to find it is like 3 inches out from the wall! I mean, that would work, but honestly it would look pretty funny. We finish up for that day with no toilet. I pick up another one on my way home from work the next day. It is supposedly the same model, but the 12 in size. Some HD employee helps me load it in the car (of course, I can't help but chuckle to myself). I get it home and we take it upstairs, then get it out of the box only to find that obviously someone had used this toilet! I don't mean used used, I just mean they put in the wax ring and tried to install it, then decided to box it all back up and return it to HD like it was brand new. It was so disgusting, that we couldn't even set it down on the tile floor to dry-fit it! We took it back to HD and told them what a mess it was, and just did a quick exchange for the exact same toilet. Well, guess what? We brought that one home, took it out and dry fit the dad-gum thing only to find that it was the exact same size as the original 10 in toilet we tried (and still had sitting in our bedroom!!!) Ugh! We still don't understand how this stupid toilet could have been marked a 12 in when it was obviously a 10 in. So, long story longer....we preceded to take that one back to HD and buy a completely different model that was supposedly 12 in. I swore that if that one did not fit, I was giving up! Lucky for us, we have noticed that the HD employees change shifts or move around or something like every 15 minutes, so the same people who had seen me twice before that day didn't see me again (or maybe they did, and there are still stories about the "weird persistent toilet lady" floating around the break room).

So we get it home, out of the box, and dry-fit it. Looks great! Now its time for the actual installation. It wasn't too bad, but we are still nervous about it. We have flushed it a couple of times (I took a video of this process, lol) and it seems to work! You can check out some pictures of the toilet process below, and stay tuned, because the only major thing left is the sink and we are so close to being done!!!
The "hole" smells AWFUL when not plugged up

Dry-fitting the final toilet

Looks good!

How many times do I have to tell you to put the toilet seat down!

Wax ring

Final tightening

Nervous, "about-to-flush" face

Fully installed!


  1. Funny story, Emilie! Jonathan's comment made me giggle right here by myself - too funny. It looks great - can't wait to see the finished product! And, I even have "sneak" previews of Reno #8!!!! How I do love you two!!!

  2. Emilie, that is hysterical! That could only happen to you and Jonathan! Love it! Thanks for giving me a laugh today...needed it. Hope y'all have had a nice weekend! Love and miss you!