Friday, August 20, 2010

I Know What I Did This Summer...

So I haven’t updated since May, but after reading this post in its entirety (if you so choose!), I think you will understand why. We have had quite a busy summer! We have not touched the bathroom since May, except for one day we were home and sealed grout. In fact, this is the first day since May that I haven’t felt like I was rushing around trying to get something done, something ready, something packed, etc. So here’s a rundown:

On May 20, my younger brother, Seth, came to stay with us. He was looking around for a job, and trying to figure out what he wanted to do. We planned on him staying throughout the summer, but he ended up getting a job back in TX and so he only stayed for 3 weeks. Those weeks were power packed with job hunting with him, preparation for our trip to LA, and of course lots of fun!

The weekend after he got here, Jonathan’s mom and one of his brother’s families came to stay with us for Memorial Day. Of course, we had a blast bike riding(boys), shopping(girls), and being entertained by our 2 year old niece, Avi.

Jon-Jon reading a story
The next weekend, we went up to our friend’s lake house, aka doggy paradise.

Everyone jump!
And then we were off! LA bound with about 120 High School Choir Students and leaders. Jonathan was responsible for taking photos, making the video, and keeping up with the trip blog. I was in charge of planning/coordinating all of the missions activities, which included daily VBS for 400+ kids/families, and a huge block party at the end of the week with over 750 in attendance…whew!
The Choir in front of JFBC before their homecoming concert
We got back on June 19 and hit the ground running to get ready for our next mission trip: ROME! Again, I was in charge of not only the missions activities, but the logistics for the team as well. It was so amazing to be back working with our friends from the year before. We left just 4 short days after returning from LA, but did we sleep a wink on the plane??? Of course not!!! There were movies!!!
Sightseeing the day we got there...we were good for
nothing else, just trying to stay awake!
After returning from Rome,  I spent the next week and a half preparing for MUSIC CAMP!  Over 400 children ages 3 months-6 years old were about to have some crazy fun at our Rockin’ Rhythm Rodeo…yee-ha!  During this time, and for the next week or so, Jonathan would basically be spending EVERY WAKING HOUR moving sound/lighting/video equipment all over the church to prepare for the renovations and temporary re-location of the contemporary worship service.

The day after music camp ended, I worked furiously to tie up any loose ends and get ready for my vacation! I headed out to TX on a standby ticket, and got kicked off 2 planes before I made it to San Antonio by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin.  My bro Seth picked me up and hauled me to North Austin, where my friend Sarah picked me up! We spent the entire weekend Gilmore-Girling, getting sunburned, bead shopping, and EATING! What a blast. 

Me and Sarah at Sonic
Sarah passed me off to mom in Salado, and I spent the next few days hanging out in Seguin! I got to meet a couple of new cute little babies thanks to my visits with Jenna (Ashlyn) and Amanda (Ben), and of course my mom’s new puppy, Sophie. I got passed off once again to my Aunts and cousin and spent my remaining days out at the San Marcos river for a family reunion with my Dad’s family…gotta love the matching shirts!

Family minus Tim and Danielle plus Kristen's twin
I got back just in time for my birthday, which brought me THE AMAZING RACE: Birthday Edition that Jonathan had contrived! It was AWESOME, and of course I won (note: there was no competition…Jonathan thought it would put a damper on things if I didn’t win my own birthday race so he didn’t ask anyone to join us-haha)! Here is a picture of a (tired) me with my spoils!

receipts, chinese take-out menus, deposit slips, and know... the usual
I had nothing of the sort planned for Jonathan, but we did have a great(eventful) birthday weekend for him too. We went to MS to meet our new nice, Sally Sharp, and visit Grandmother in the hospital. We also got to spend a lot of time with our niece and nephew Avi and Walt.

In this picture, Jonathan is trying to explain to Walt that he should
not eat the rolly-polly that is in the cup...Avi thinks this is quite funny.
Did I mention that in-between our birthday weekends that we started Wednesday Night Activities at church, which meant me registering almost 500 children for choir and putting them all in classes? Nope, didn’t think so…

So if you’ve made it this far…stick a fork in me because I AM DONE! Hope you had a happy summer too J

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